Fluent in retail.

At 2Hemispheres, we’re equally engaged in both the left and right brain of the retail design business, hence our name. Our unique blend of strategy & design creates inspired retail, engaging consumers through branded presentations that provide impressive, proven results. Here’s why 2Hemispheres is different: we believe that the productivity of retail is as important as presentation. We pay as much attention to business detail as we do creative detail—and that results in a powerful retail experience for both the consumer and our clients. Read MoreLess

The latest:

The collaboration between 2Hemispheres and Nike Golf continues.  The Nike Golf areas at TPC Louisiana and TPC Potomac were refreshed to feature a men’s and women’s apparel wall and custom floor fixtures. For these updates of the Nike Golf brand experience, 2H designed the concept, directed space layout, managed production, installation and provided merchandising support. Read MoreLess

The work: strategic retail design.

Retail design is a craft. It’s about creating the right experience: with carefully curated elements like textures, sound, messaging and lighting, the consumer becomes immersed in a whole new world– and creates an emotional connection to a brand. Emotions drive retail decisions, and this connection creates a sense of confidence in the consumer’s decision making process.

The people of 2H

At 2Hemispheres, we speak the language of retail. We love a good retail challenge. We know there’s a creative solution—because we’ve done it before. Our expertise runs deep in strategy, design, brand marketing, visual merchandising and project management. Equal parts industry nerds and aesthetes, we’re a seamless, well-oiled machine. And with us, you get the best of both worlds. The art and the science. The creativity and the analysis. The style and the strategy. The right and the left brain of retail, all under one roof: 2Hemispheres.